Hey Fam,
Here’s what’s going on this Week [August 15-19]
  • Wednesday, August 15: Wednesday is the Assumption of Mary. It is a Holy Day of Obligation. There are Masses at 6:15a, 8:15a, 9:30a [for Seton] and 7pm. Since we have Disciples at 7pm, we will attend Mass at 7pm at Sts. Joachim and Ann. We will do an abridged version of Disciples at 8ish. 
  • Sunday, August 19: We will do an IMPACT State of the Union: Meaning we will talk about the past, present, and views of the future, Luke 18, and more! We are super excited for this meeting! If you are new, COME! If you come regularly, COME! If you have fallen away from ministry, COME! Regardless, COME! 
We hope to see you all soon! We are so excited for this upcoming year, and pray that you can be a part of it!