Hey fam,
Just a quick note about things going on.
  • Sunday, Sept 02: We DO NOT have IMPACT, because of Labor Day weekend.
  • Monday, Sept 03: We DO NOT have AMP, because of Labor Day… it is moved to Sept 10
  • Wednesday, Sept 05: We will have Disciples at Sts. J&A
  • Thursday, Sept 06: High Schoolers will start Luke 18 Prep at St. Robert Bellarmine 
If you are interested in helping with Luke 18, please sign up today: at http://impactym.org/Luke-18. Also if your family is interested in being a sleep house, please sign up at http://impactym.org/sleep; we really could use some extra help this year with housing 150 teens.
Hopefully, you will have a great and safe weekend. Please pray for us! And know we are praying for you!