Hey fam, Here’s what’s going on the week of Sept 17-23
Monday, September 17, we have the ROCK at Sts. J&A in our John Bosco Youth Ministry Room. It will be from 6:15p-7:30p. We will need help from High Schoolers to run small groups.
Also, on Wednesday, September 19, we will have ROCK at SEAS in the Memorare Room. It will be from 6:00p-7:15p. We will also need help from High Schoolers to run small groups.
Because we have the ROCK at SEAS on September 19, we will have Disciples at SEAS [this week] in the Youth Office. This way, we won’t have to move all of the High Schoolers to Sts. J&A. We will have Disciples from 7:30p-9p.
Luke 18 2018.png
We need everyone to sign up for  Luke 18. All High Schoolers and 8th graders will need to register, and send in release forms and money. Please register at https://impactym.org/luke-18/
We are also looking for parents to sign up for Sleep Houses. All of the details for that is at https://impactym.org/sleep/.
Also, we will be having a leadership retreat next Sunday from 5p-8p for the High School helpers. Please make sure that you mark your calendars.
Drive in.png
Attached is the flyer for our Drive-in fundraiser. We are needing help with concessions. We want to make this a great success. The Greatest Showman will be on September 28 at 7pm in the SEAS Parking Lot.
Lastly, I really can’t thank you enough for all of the support. Please continue to pray for us and for our programs. We also ask that you pray for an increase in these programs and all of the programs we run. Please know, we are praying for you, too.