Countdown to Luke 18

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Countdown to Luke 18

Hey Fam,
Just a note to tell you what’s going on:
Tonight: we have Disciples at Sts. J&A at 7pm.
Tomorrow starts Luke 18 Final Countdown week!
  • Thursday, October 11: We are meeting from 7p-9p at St. Robert. Apostles should have talks done [yes, we will work on finalizing them]. Cori will be finishing decorations, gifts, fuzzies, and skit practice. 
  • Sunday, October 14: We are meeting from 7p-9p at St. Robert. We will be finalizing all of our things. 
  • Tuesday, October 16: We are meeting from 7p-9p at St. Robert. Everything should be done by that night, and skits should be done. 
  • Wednesday, October 17: We do have SEAS ROCK from 6p-7:15p, but we will NOT have Disciples. Depending on how the other 3 events go, determines whether or not we have the last Luke 18 prep night. 
  • Thursday, October 18: We are setting up the rooms for Luke 18. We could use help! 
  • Friday, October 19: We could use your help as soon as you can get there. We will provide dinner, and have a prayer service ahead of time. 
An email will go out on Friday with all of the things that you will need to bring for Luke 18. Side note: if you still haven’t signed up for Luke 18 by tonight [], I will not be able to guarantee a shirt for you.
Are you going to come with us to Washington DC for the Pro-Life March? It is January 16-20, 2019. If so, let me know by TONIGHT! I’ve been putting feelers out for the last couple weeks and want to make sure I have everyone who wants to go. Let me know!
Lastly, Please make sure you are preparing your souls. I cannot tell you how much stuff is trying to get in the middle of us and leading these 8th graders closer to Christ. Please pray for the success and safety of this retreat. And please know that we are praying for you!

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  1. Valerie Defilippo says:

    I am trying to sign Grace Defilippo up for Luke 18 retreat I was out of the country. Please advise how I can get her signed up for next weekend

    • wbbock says:

      Hey Valerie,
      I just got a note that you are looking about how to sign up Grace up for Luke 18. Just go to the our website and fill out the registration form. It will email the release form, which needs to be printed and signed, and mailed with the check. All of the specifics and more are on that page.

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