IMPACT Youth Ministries

Sept 02-09

Hey fam, Just a quick note about things going on. Sunday, Sept 02: We DO NOT have IMPACT, because of Labor Day weekend. Monday, Sept 03: We DO NOT have AMP, because of Labor Day… it is moved to Sept 10 Wednesday, Sept 05: We will have Disciples at Sts. J&A Thursday, Sept 06: High Schoolers will…
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August 22-26

Hey fam, Here’s what’s happening this week. Wednesday: We will have Disciples at Sts. J&A from 7p-9p. The Church is finishing up the Bread of Life Discourse… and so will we! Come take a couple hours to deepen our understanding of the Readings. Sunday: We are having our first Luke 18 Prep Meeting! Yes, Luke…
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August 15-19

Hey Fam, Here’s what’s going on this Week [August 15-19] Wednesday, August 15: Wednesday is the Assumption of Mary. It is a Holy Day of Obligation. There are Masses at 6:15a, 8:15a, 9:30a [for Seton] and 7pm. Since we have Disciples at 7pm, we will attend Mass at 7pm at Sts. Joachim and Ann. We…
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Aug 05-12

Hey fam, Sunday, Aug 05: Grad Sendoff at SEAS- Please dress up nice to send off our grads. Feel free to write note/ letters to them as well. 6p-9p Monday, Aug 06: AMP at St. Peter in St. Charles. We will have an opportunity for confession and time with Jesus in the Eucharist from 7p-8p…
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July 08

Frankly, I am tired of painting. Sunday, July 08, IMPACT is going out the ball game. We will be visiting the Rivercity Rascals! It’s like going to the Cardinals game, except cheaper, closer to home, closer to the action, and lots of fun between innings. We will meet in front of the Stadium [900 TR…
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New Web

Hey fam, I also wanted to know that we are currently transitioning to a new website for all things IMPACT. It is still under much construction, but we will moving to Also, as you may or may not have noticed, the email address have changed. I can be reached at Michelle [our new YM] will…
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End of June

Hey fam, Here’s the last of June and beginning of July. Tonight, Sunday June 24: Painting at J&A [Family and Friends can help too]. After painting, we can play some volleyball [weather permitting]. Wednesday, June 27: Disciples at J&A [8th grade – recent grads]. We will be discussing the 13th Week of Ordinary Time. NEXT SUNDAY,…
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Welcome to the New IMPACT website! We hope you come back and visit soon! Please Pardon the construction. We will be up and running soon!