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IMPACT Youth Ministries

December for IMPACT

Hey Fam, The month of December is coming fast! And as you know, it is typically filled with many hours of work, finals, parties, and other family functions. To help you plan your calendar, here’s what we are doing for the next few weeks. Here is a  link to our calendar…. CLICK HERE! We will…
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Thanksgiving Week!

Hey Fam, Tonight, we have the ROCK for Sts. J&A. We need help tonight from 6p-7:30. Since this is their first ROCK since Luke 18, we are hoping that this will be a good one!  We hope to see you tonight! Due to this being a holiday week, we will NOT have Disciples on Wednesday;…
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Oct 22-28

Hey Fam, First off, I just wanted to say thanks for Luke 18. You guys worked so very hard and it was such a great success. Thanks especially for all of our sleep houses, and the Knights of Columbus from the 4 parishes. 8th graders and High Schoolers:This week we will talking about how good…
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Countdown to Luke 18

Hey Fam, Just a note to tell you what’s going on: Tonight: we have Disciples at Sts. J&A at 7pm. Tomorrow starts Luke 18 Final Countdown week! Thursday, October 11: We are meeting from 7p-9p at St. Robert. Apostles should have talks done [yes, we will work on finalizing them]. Cori will be finishing decorations,…
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Sunday Funday!

We are doing our Sunday Fun Day this Sunday, Sept 30. We will meet at St. Elizabeth at 4:30p and we will carpool to Dickherber Farms in O’Fallon. There will be a corn maze, Animals, Bonfire, Hay Ride and more. We will provide Hot Dogs, Snacks, Smores, and Drinks. The cost will be $20. We…
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Programs, Fundraisers, and Pro-Life March

Hey Fam, Here’s what’s going on: Disciples will be on Wednesday at Sts J&A in the John Bosco Room from 7p-9p. Look for the New IMPACT Flag! Luke 18 Prep for High Schoolers will be at St. Robert’s on Thursday from 7p-9p. Enter in the lower “Garden Entrance”. Also EVERYONE needs to be registered at http://impactym.org/luke-18 This Friday…
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Sept 17-23

Hey fam, Here’s what’s going on the week of Sept 17-23 Monday, September 17, we have the ROCK at Sts. J&A in our John Bosco Youth Ministry Room. It will be from 6:15p-7:30p. We will need help from High Schoolers to run small groups. Also, on Wednesday, September 19, we will have ROCK at SEAS…
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Sept 05-12

Hey Fam, Here’s what’s going on this Week [September 5-12] Wednesday, September 5:  Disciples at Sts. J&A in the St. John Bosco Room at 7pm. We will read the scriptures for the upcoming Sunday and discuss. Thursday, September 6: Luke 18 Prep meeting from 7-9pm at St. Robert Bellarmine. If you are a high school…
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Sept 02-09

Hey fam, Just a quick note about things going on. Sunday, Sept 02: We DO NOT have IMPACT, because of Labor Day weekend. Monday, Sept 03: We DO NOT have AMP, because of Labor Day… it is moved to Sept 10 Wednesday, Sept 05: We will have Disciples at Sts. J&A Thursday, Sept 06: High Schoolers will…
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August 22-26

Hey fam, Here’s what’s happening this week. Wednesday: We will have Disciples at Sts. J&A from 7p-9p. The Church is finishing up the Bread of Life Discourse… and so will we! Come take a couple hours to deepen our understanding of the Readings. Sunday: We are having our first Luke 18 Prep Meeting! Yes, Luke…
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