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IMPACT Youth Ministries

Thanksgiving Week!

Hey Fam, Tonight, we have the ROCK for Sts. J&A. We need help tonight from 6p-7:30. Since this is their first ROCK since Luke 18, we are hoping that this will be a good one!  We hope to see you tonight! Due to this being a holiday week, we will NOT have Disciples on Wednesday;…
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Oct 22-28

Hey Fam, First off, I just wanted to say thanks for Luke 18. You guys worked so very hard and it was such a great success. Thanks especially for all of our sleep houses, and the Knights of Columbus from the 4 parishes. 8th graders and High Schoolers:This week we will talking about how good…
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Countdown to Luke 18

Hey Fam, Just a note to tell you what’s going on: Tonight: we have Disciples at Sts. J&A at 7pm. Tomorrow starts Luke 18 Final Countdown week! Thursday, October 11: We are meeting from 7p-9p at St. Robert. Apostles should have talks done [yes, we will work on finalizing them]. Cori will be finishing decorations,…
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Sunday Funday!

We are doing our Sunday Fun Day this Sunday, Sept 30. We will meet at St. Elizabeth at 4:30p and we will carpool to Dickherber Farms in O’Fallon. There will be a corn maze, Animals, Bonfire, Hay Ride and more. We will provide Hot Dogs, Snacks, Smores, and Drinks. The cost will be $20. We…
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Programs, Fundraisers, and Pro-Life March

Hey Fam, Here’s what’s going on: Disciples will be on Wednesday at Sts J&A in the John Bosco Room from 7p-9p. Look for the New IMPACT Flag! Luke 18 Prep for High Schoolers will be at St. Robert’s on Thursday from 7p-9p. Enter in the lower “Garden Entrance”. Also EVERYONE needs to be registered at http://impactym.org/luke-18 This Friday…
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Sept 17-23

Hey fam, Here’s what’s going on the week of Sept 17-23 Monday, September 17, we have the ROCK at Sts. J&A in our John Bosco Youth Ministry Room. It will be from 6:15p-7:30p. We will need help from High Schoolers to run small groups. Also, on Wednesday, September 19, we will have ROCK at SEAS…
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Sept 05-12

Hey Fam, Here’s what’s going on this Week [September 5-12] Wednesday, September 5:  Disciples at Sts. J&A in the St. John Bosco Room at 7pm. We will read the scriptures for the upcoming Sunday and discuss. Thursday, September 6: Luke 18 Prep meeting from 7-9pm at St. Robert Bellarmine. If you are a high school…
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Sept 02-09

Hey fam, Just a quick note about things going on. Sunday, Sept 02: We DO NOT have IMPACT, because of Labor Day weekend. Monday, Sept 03: We DO NOT have AMP, because of Labor Day… it is moved to Sept 10 Wednesday, Sept 05: We will have Disciples at Sts. J&A Thursday, Sept 06: High Schoolers will…
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August 22-26

Hey fam, Here’s what’s happening this week. Wednesday: We will have Disciples at Sts. J&A from 7p-9p. The Church is finishing up the Bread of Life Discourse… and so will we! Come take a couple hours to deepen our understanding of the Readings. Sunday: We are having our first Luke 18 Prep Meeting! Yes, Luke…
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August 15-19

Hey Fam, Here’s what’s going on this Week [August 15-19] Wednesday, August 15: Wednesday is the Assumption of Mary. It is a Holy Day of Obligation. There are Masses at 6:15a, 8:15a, 9:30a [for Seton] and 7pm. Since we have Disciples at 7pm, we will attend Mass at 7pm at Sts. Joachim and Ann. We…
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