SB About

DESCRIPTION: Seedbearers is a week-long spiritual/work retreat, where teens and adults volunteer to work on homes of people that cannot afford repairs or cannot do it themselves. The goal is to reach out to others and minister to their needs, while spreading the Good News. There is no cost to the homeowner, and all the work, materials, and money to do this comes from donations. Seedbearers is also a place where teens can grow spiritually and learn valuable life lessons. Teens are given the opportunity to be creative, to use their gifts and talents, lead prayer services, make decisions, work as a team, have fun, and be a part of a lifestyle that is different from their own.

MISSION: Seedbearers has 3 main focus points. First, and foremost, our focus is on God; He is the reason for everything and obviously, the main reason for spreading the Good News. Second, our focus is on the teens; it is about empowering teens and getting them to know who Christ is. Our third focus is on community; the building up of community within the Seedbearer organization, as well as the build up in the community that we will be working within. Prayerful thought should be given before decisions are enacted.


  • To grow and develop in the Catholic faith and in relationship to the Trinity through service, prayer and community
  • To learn how to live as a community by sharing in domestic responsibilities, praying and playing together solving problems and making decisions as a group, and working as a team.
  • To learn how to plan prayer services, to experience community prayer and sharing, and to learn how to develop liturgies for Mass
  • To share one’s life and talents with others, and to allow those being served to do likewise.
  • To develop skills necessary to perform a variety of home repairs.


  • 1991: Seedbearers started by Mary Saffa [St. Elizabeth Ann Seton/ St. Cletus], Mary Coleman [St. Patrick], Rosanne Twillman [ICD], Fr. Mike Butler [St. Cletus]
    • Location: Rural Parish Workers of Christ the King at the St. Michael’s House,  Old Mines, MO
  • 1999: Moved to Perryville, MO
    • Location: St. Vincent Parish and High School and surrounding areas
    • Al Maassen takes over
  • 2008: Moved to DeSoto, MO
    • Location: St. Rose of Lima
    • Steve Loeffler, Mike & Peggy Crisler, Wayne Burbach takes over
  • 2009: Moved to House Springs, MO
    • Location: Our Lady, Queen of Peace and surrounding areas
    • 2010 – Wayne Burbach takes over. Steve Loeffler, Mike & Peggy Crisler start new program in House Springs.
  • 2011: Moved to Millwood, MO
    • Location: St. Alphonsus and surrounding areas
  • 2018: Moved to Montgomery City, MO
    • Location: Immaculate Conception, Montgomery County Schools and the surrounding areas
  • 2020: Moved to St. Charles due to COVID 19
    • Location: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
  • 2021: Moved Back to Montgomery City, MO
    • Location: Immaculate Conception, Montgomery County Schools and the surrounding areas

We would like to thank all of those that have donated to us, prayed for us, and supported us. We ask for your continued support and prayers.